Manousakis Winery Nostos Vidiano '19

Manousakis Winery Nostos Vidiano '19

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Our winery is the realization of my dad, Ted’s dream.  It began in 1984, when the hills around the village of Vatolakkos were still untouched by civilization and the wild herbs of Crete were abundant and fragrant. Since my father is neither an oenologist nor a viticulturist, he carefully selected a team of expert consultants including Laurence Feraud, Pascal Marchand, Lucie Morton, Bruce Zoecklein and Yves Herody. They conducted numerous studies and came to the final decision to plant the Mediterranean varieties of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Roussanne. These are the grapes we cultivate to this day. We feel that the environmental conditions and the terroir are ideal for these exquisite varieties. The island of Crete lies at the southern edge of the Aegean Sea, and although it is a mountainous island, Crete is a major producer of olive oil, citrus fruits and garden vegetables. 


From the outset my dad felt that organic farming was the only way to show respect for nature and the environment. 

Being sensitive to the balance of the ecosystem is vital to our philosophy and we are committed to the sustainable development of our vineyards through the use of rigorous earth-friendly practices. Our vineyard team works vine by vine, mostly by hand, in weed removal, leaf thinning, stem thinning, and harvesting. Each vine is treated with individual attention and care. Due to the wide variation of soil conditions, we practice customized farming for the many small plots that make up our vineyard. This "mosaic" style of cultivation is time consuming and often tedious but we believe it is necessary for uniform fruit ripeness and the production of great quality wines.


Our vineyards are situated on the hills just outside the village of Vatolakkos where the soils are predominantly rich in clay and argil, ideal for limited plant growth but great for good soil wringing. The Mediterranean climate keeps us on our toes but provides the conditions needed for delicious grapes.

Since 1993, we have been planting vineyards  at elevations of 350 meters (1200 ft) to 650 meters (2100 ft) above sea level, on 13 hectares (32 acres) of rough terrain . Much to our satisfaction, our chosen varieties have thrived and have done exceptionally well in their environment, achieving great balance in the vineyard and finding a comfortable home in Crete.  

To date, our wine range has grown and we are currently producing 12 different labels of wine as well as the local grape distillate called Tsikoudia. 


Characteristics: Bright, intense lemon-green color with slow and rich legs. Nose with moderate to high intensity. Ripe stone fruits, honeycomb, dried flowers. Dense, medium bodied and complex mouth with intense flavor of white stone fruit. Long finish dominated by mineral, stone fruits, and citrus.

Food Pairing: Our Vidiano is best served with light fish and poultry served in white sauces, as well as seafood.