WINE FEATURE: Domaine de la Cote de l'Ange Chateauneuf du Pape 2011 - $65

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About this wine

Vintage: 2011

Varietal: 70% grenache, 10% syrah, 20% mourvèdre

Tannin: Medium; silky and relaxed

Body: Medium

Alcohol: 14%

Why we love it

We have done y'all the great service of aging this wine for you! This 2011 CdP is at it's peak drinking age right now, opening beautifully after a bit of decanting, and showing a wonderful rustic, earthy, olive tapenade depth alongside bright, dried red fruits. This is a really special CdP that developed for hours into a beautifully savory, umami, leathery, complex wine with notes of thyme, rosemary, ginger, and root vegetables. Though the fruits are all of a dried quality because of the age, it is nevertheless still bright and powerful. This is without a doubt, a serious CdP but fun to experience as it develops in the glass!

When would we drink this

With roasted red meat or game; a pondering mind

Price: $65 Buy here!

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