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Every summer, I always have 2 things with me when I'm at the pool: my sunglasses and a delicious, crisp bottle of wine. If we're being real, a bottle is such a hassle between keeping it cold and having enough in the glass and so I've tried a bunch of different alternative packaging wines and good news! We have 2 winners!

Ah-So Garnacha White Wine $5 (250mL can - equivalent to 1 healthy home pour!) - Ah-So stands out because it is made from 100% organic grapes, it is 100% hand-harvested, and their vineyard is focused on sustainable farming. Based in Navarra, Spain, they are the first to make canned wine in such a traditional region. Ah-So was founded by 3 friends in Colorado who shared a love for outdoor activities and geeking out on wine so when they decided to marry the two passions into a new business venture, they shipped a canning machine from Boulder to Navarra where Carlos Lopez, one of the founders, owned the famed Bodegas Artadi winery. When asked why cans? Their answer was: cans were the perfect solution as it made wine more portable, lighter to carry, and did not impart secondary flavors into the wines. In their words, "Ah-So is thoughtful; it’s high-end; it’s high-technology; it’s simply the best of the best—in a can. We simply want to make and are trying to make the very best canned wine available."

Their garnacha blanca is made from abandoned old vines of an ancient clone in a nearby hillside town. They preserved the 20 vines that were left and today, can their Ah-So white from the 5 hectares that is now home to these special vines. 

This wine is super fresh with notes of pears and melons, and a zingy finish! - 90pts James Suckling

RAMONA Grapefruit Spritz $5 (250mL - equivalent to 1 healthy home pour!) - RAMONA was created by sommelier turned wine entrepreneur, Jordan Salcito, for everyone to have "a delicious beverage for casual moments made with organic ingredients and ridiculously high quality standards." Jordan is all about being creative and having fun with wine. Her wine list at David Chang's Momofuku Ko was named "Most Creative In The World" in 2016 by World of Fine Wine Magazine in 2016 and it is in that spirit that she created RAMONA. 

RAMONA's take on the classic Italian spritz cocktail is made from organic grapes and organic citrus fruit instead of the traditional base liqueur and that matters because instead of the traditional bitters imparted from liqueurs, RAMONA is more refreshing and has a better balance between sweet and bitter. And being a spritz, it is lower in alcohol and calories than a regular glass of wine! To top it off, RAMONA is also gluten free!

The Grapefruit spritz is made with Zibibbo grapes and organic ruby grapefruit juice.  It imparts notes of citrus zest, stone fruit, ruby grapefruit, lime blossom & Honeycrisp apple.


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